County wide burn ban

Update April 21st for Berks County Resolution 156-2023.

The county has amended Resolution 151-2023 to state that the burn ban shall not apply to open outdoor burning that is directly related to normal agricultural operations within Berks County.

The term “normal agricultural operation” The term “normal agricultural operation” shall have the definition as provided within
Section 952 of Pennsylvania’s “Right-To-Farm” Law (Act 133 of 1982), specifically:

The activities, practices, equipment and procedures that farmers adopt, use or engage in the production and preparation for market of poultry, livestock and their products and in the production, harvesting and preparation for market or use of agricultural, agronomic, horticultural, silvicultural and aquacultural crops and commodities and is:

a. not less than ten contiguous acres in area; or
b. less than ten contiguous acres in area but has an anticipated yearly gross income of at least $10,000.

The term includes new activities, practices, equipment and procedures consistent with technological development within the agricultural industry. See3 P.S. § 952.

All other provisions of Resolution 151-2023 shall remain unchanged and in full force and effect as set forth therein.

Click here for the full text of Resolution 156-2023.

Original post from April 14th for Berks County Resolution No. 151-2023:

Attention. The Berks County Commissioners have issued a county-wide ban on outdoor burning due to dry conditions.

The burn ban will begin Sunday, April 16, at 6 p.m.

The commissioners have ordered that all open outdoor burning be banned for a period of no more than 30 days.

The use of propane or gas stoves, charcoal briquette grills and the use of tobacco in any form is not affected by this ban.

An additional announcement will be made when the ban is lifted.

Any questions regarding the ban should be directed to the Berks County Commissioners’ office at 610-478-6136.

Thank you.